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SWY20 Family☆

It's been past already 1 year since we've got on the ship.
Time past so quickly,
and still I can't believe how wonderful moment we had had on the ship in Jan to Mar 2008.

Today, we welcomed Josh in Japan,
& drank together with about 10 members.

We met as usual,
it's really natural for me to stay with them, talk & laugh.

I really like the SWY20 members, because we have each dream.
We always try to find a better tomorrow,
and never forget to care about each other.

Sometime, we have difficult time,
but then I can get power from the SWY family in all around the world.

I wanna live my life with tons of smile & love,
& wanna make someone smile & happy.

Live, Love, Laugh☆

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